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No need to stress about false alarms anymore
With Abode’s visual verification,you can easily determine the
validity of your alarm system
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Using our iOS and Android based applications,you can always
stay updated about whats going on at home.
Wherever you are
With Amazon Echo now you can LITERALLY say
“Hello” to your Home
You can link your Abode system with Amazon Echo
and control your security system through voice
Here is a smart way to protect your home
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Get Professional-Level Security Easy DIY Setup in minutes



Every single Abode sensor links to your abode gateway using secure, wireless technology making installation a breeze.

No Tools Required

Putting Abode sensors in your house or apartment is simple, quick and easy using the included adhesive mounts.

Professional Level Security

Abode incorporates professional grade technologies like cellular and battery supported system to keep your home safe and protected

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Enjoy A Secure Feeling

Stay aware about what triggered your alarm to activate
when you aren’t home. No need to worry about false alarms anymore

Highly Effective and compatible Home Automation

The abode gateway connects and secures your entire house, not only a room like all-in-one security equipment. Our gateway hub consists of powerful home automation functionality to control all sorts of connected devices in your house. We’ve also provided a USB port for expansion to ensure the system stays compatible with the latest technologies.

Doors & Windows

Monitors your doors and windows
for open and close activity.

Smoke / Fire

Integrates with popular smoke and fire detectors to alert you if detected.

Water / Flood

Get an immediate alert if water is detected with a water sensor.

Garage Door Openers

Drive on to your street and your garage door can automatically open.


Plans designed just for you wherever life takes you


  • Other security companies require you to sign up for long-term contracts. abode offers you total flexibility without locking you in.


  • Our solution offers the most functionality of any free plan. With our iOS, Android, and Web apps, you’ll always be connected to your home.


  • With abode, you can have peace of mind 24×7 with our optional professional monitoring plan. Let our centre handle any alarms or events for you.


Transparent Pricing

No two families are the same and your needs change over time.
Simply choose the plan that you need today,and have the flexibility to change it tomorrow.
Included with every starter kit


Self-Monitoring, security, and home automation.Affordably priced at Free.

  • Unlimited self-monitoring for your home App Access
  • Optional On-Demand Professional
  • Monitoring (3 Days: $8 / 7 Days: $15)
  • How does On-Demand Work?
    3 Days of timeline and media storage
  • Connect up to 155 devices
  • Create up to 100 Automations
  • Channel Access
  • Customer support via e-mail and support site
Cellular Backup


Monthly Pricing | Annual Pricing
Keeps your abode system online, all the time.

  • All of the features in the BASIC Plan, plus
  • 3G Cellular Backup
  • Connection keeps you online even if your home broadband connection is down
  • Monitoring (3 Days: $8 / 7 Days: $15)
  • 14 Days of timeline and media storage
  • Optional On-Demand Professional
  • Channel Access
  • How does On-Demand Work?

    Phone and e-mail support


Professional Monitoring and Cell Backup


Monthly Pricing | Annual Pricing
Stay connected and protected with cell backup and 24x7 professional monitoring.

  • All of the features in the CONNECT Plan, plus
  • 24 x 7 Professional monitoring with our UL-Listed monitoring center
  • Connection keeps you online even if your home broadband connection is down
  • Monitoring (3 Days: $8 / 7 Days: $15)90 Days of timeline and media storage
  • Premium customer phone support