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XFINITY Home-Secure
with 2-Year Agreement See Offers Details

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24/7 Professional Surveillance

*Give protection to Your House and Family
*Get 24/7 specialized monitoring on a protected network
*Activate and Deactivate your system remotely
*Cellular and battery back-up at no additional cost
*Smoke monitoring & water detection alerts
*Use your existing security equipment

Alerts & Video Monitoring

*Stay connected with Your Loved Ones
*Enable your system notifications to get real-time text message and email alerts when windows and doors are opened and look at the live video surveillance in or outside of your house.
*Make sure your kids are safe
*Look out for your Pets.

Lighting and Temperature Control

*Stay Safe While You Save
*Ensure that your lights are always on when you need them and your house is heated or cool when you reach home
*Get 10% discount on your energy bills*
*Try our enhanced Ecosaver™ thermostat technology
*Actual energy savings may vary based on usage and other factors.
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Secure Packages

  Control 150 Package

Secure 300 Package

Secure 350 Package
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Battery & Cellular Backup included at no additional cost
Real-Time Text & Email Alerts
Remote Video Monitoring
Mobile access + alerts
Remote Lighting & Thermostat Control
Enhanced Video Monitoring
Warranty on all XFINITY Home Equipment
Mobile Access
Included Equipment:
With 2-Year Term Agreement
Touch Screen Controller   1 1
Wireless Keypad   1 1
Door/Window Sensors 1 3 3
Motion Sensor 1 1 1
Indoor/Outdoor Cameras     2
Lighting Controllers 1 1 2
Thermostat** or 1 Additional Indoor/ Outdoor Camera
*Equipment not included. Additional installation and equipment charges apply.
**EcoSaver™ requires an XFINITY Home thermostat. Thermostat not included if additional camera selected.
Thermostat/EcoSaver not available in all multi-dwelling unit locations.

Save more with Xfinity® Home Security Systems
Avail the opportunity and use the following savings claims, as long as you include the corresponding legal information.
• Energy Savings: Smart home energy management with remote thermostat control saves you up to 10% on your energy bills.
Must include disclaimer:
Source: Actual energy savings may vary based on usage and other factors.
Visit for details
• Insurance Savings: You can save up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance.
Must include disclaimer:
Source: Insurance discounts vary. Contact your insurance provider for details.


Xfinity Security

With 24/7 Video Surveillance, you won't miss any unwanted activity

Get 24/7 Video monitoring along with your Xfinity Home service to record, rewind and review up to 10 days of video footage that can be accessed from anywhere you want. It is easy to identify any unwanted activity with movement induced events and obtain clips to save and share with others.

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Xfinity Security

Keep close track of the things that matter to you!

With live video surveillance you can stay updated about what is going on inside or outside of your house.

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Xfinity Security

Dont give up on your existing home security equipment, switch to Xfinity and save money!

Xfinity Home seamlessly integrates your smart home devices into one personalized platform and app that is easy to use.

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Xfinity Security

Works with Xfinity Home

One platform. One log-in. One app.

Xfinity Home easily connects to your smart home devices into a single customized platform and application that is user friendly.

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Sit back. Relax. You’re in Control.

Access your Xfinity Home service directly from your TV with Xfinity X1. Plus, now you can save more by adding all your favourite features to a bundle deal with your other Xfinity services.



Alarm and Alert Sensors

All of the following sensors can be customized to trigger an alarm, lighting, video or text and email alert.

Motion Sensor

Provides an added layer of motion Protection by monitoring family Rooms, hallways, stairs, etc

Targeted Motion Sensor

A focused motion sensor that targets a specific area like an entry way or window.

Door/Window Sensors

Alerts you when doors or windows are opened.

Glass Break Sensor*

Alerts you when doors or windows are opened.

Hazard Detectors

Smoke Detector

Monitored 24 hours a day, it also perfoms a self-test to ensure it’s working.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Rest easy knowing we’re constantly monitoring your home for potentially dangerous CO levels.

Water Detector

Alerts you to flooding or leaking in the basement, laundry room or other places where installed in your home.

Video Monitors

Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Weather resistant camera expands your field of view and even lets you see in the dark with night vision.

Enhanced Controls


Control remotely from an Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

Light Switch*

Allows you to remotely control your lights and create an energy-efficient lighting schedule.

Outlet Controller

Adjust the lights, create an energy efficient lighting schedule and even turn off your curling iron or coffee pot from an Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

Wireless Keypad**

Can be mounted anywhere in the home to conveniently arm and disarm your system.


Personalizing your system made easy.

Take control of your house with a simple and user friendly application from your smartphone or tablet.

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AL: 001484, 001504 Alarm company operators are licensed and regulated by the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure, 7956 Vaughn Road, PMB 392 Montgomery, AL 36116, Phone (334) 264-9388, Fax (334) 264-9332; AR: 12-030; AZ: ROC 280515, BTR 18287-0; CA: CSLB 974291, ACO 7118 licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA, 95814; CT: 1040196, ELC 0189754-C5; DE: FAL-0299, FAC-0293, SSPS 11-123; FL: EF0000921, EF20001002, EF0001095; GA: LVU406303, LVU406264, LVU406190; LVU406354; IL: PACA 127-001503; LA: F1691; MA: SS-001968; MD: 107-1776, Baltimore County: RK9552, Howard County: ER00990, Washington County: EL-R-0218, Harford County: 00005321, Calvert County: L0188, Prince George's County: 13958-2014-0; ME: LM50017039; MI: 3601206217; MN: TS674412; MS: 15018010; NC: 2335-CSA; NJ: 34BF00047700; NM: 373379; NY: licensed by the N.Y.S. Department of State 12000305421, Putnam County: L00812; OH: 53-89-1732; OR: CCB 192945 All electrical work is performed by a licensed subcontractor; SC: SCBA-13497, SCFA-13440; TN: ACL 1597, ACL 1604; TX: B-16922,-02571, ACR-1672104,-1818 We are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board whose address is: P.O. Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773, (512) 424-7710; UT: 8226921-6501; WA: COMCABS892DS; VT: ES-02366; VA: 2705145289, DCJS 11-7361; WASHINGTON, DC: ECS 902687, BBL 602512000005; WV: WV049211. Valid 5/18/16. See for current list.

Xfinity HOME Refund Policy for Pre-Payments: If you make a pre-payment prior to installation of your Xfinity Home service, such pre-payment will be applied as a credit to charges due on the following month’s bill from Comcast. In the event you cancel your Xfinity Home service, your pre-payment will be applied instead to any other charges due on your bill for Comcast services. You will not receive a cash or credit card refund of your pre-payment. However, if all of your services from Comcast are disconnected, or if Comcast is otherwise required under applicable law to refund the pre-payment, Comcast will, within forty-five (45) days or as otherwise specified by applicable law, return a sum equal to the pre-payments your made (without interest unless otherwise required by law) minus any amounts due on your account (including, without limitation, any amounts owed for any services or for any equipment that is damaged, altered or not returned).

For Prince Georges, Maryland Customers: If we disconnect your service(s) or are otherwise required under applicable law to refund the pre-payment, we shall within thirty (30) days or your next billing cycle, whichever is earlier, return a sum equal to the pre-payments(s) you paid (without interest unless otherwise required by law) minus any amounts due on your account (including without limitation, any amounts owed for the service(s) or for any equipment that is damaged, altered, or not returned).

Remote access not available with all smartphones. Standard data charges apply to text alerts. Check with your carrier. Any other equipment not included in offer and taxes extra.

Restrictions do apply to system upgrade eligibility. System upgrades are not available in all areas and existing equipment usage is subject to condition and type of equipment, as determined by the Technician.


The offer for the service package you have selected requires a minimum term agreement. The agreement will be sent to the mail or email address you provided. Under the agreement, if you cancel all XFINITY services, except for XFINITY Mobile, included with your package before the agreement expires, you will be billed the early termination fee specified in the agreement, unless you cancel within the first 30 days after installation or activation, as applicable. You may cancel the agreement by calling 1-800-XFINITY. If you cancel within 30 days of the date service is installed or activated, and return any equipment you have received from us, the early termination fee will not be charged. If you do not cancel the agreement, you will automatically be billed and the terms of the minimum term agreement will apply. Acceptance of these terms will occur at checkout.